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Xinnuo Group adheres to the business philosophy of “honesty first, people-oriented, quality as the core”, with advanced management system, new marketing software and professional manufacturing strength, and is committed to creating intelligent, environmentally friendly and fashionable products for customers. High quality office and hotel furniture space. Xinnuo Furniture will not forget the initial heart, go forward, lead the furniture manufacturing industry, lead the domestic market trend, and integrate the world multiculturalism!

In 2018, Xinnuo Group responded to the government's call and invested heavily in the construction of water-based paint dust-free constant temperature oil room, fully implementing the water-based paint process, environmental protection and health, ensuring quality, and richly reflecting the personality and texture of the wood color. Xinnuo's new products adhere to the concept of health and environmental protection in raw materials. All rubber sheets are made of E0 grade standard, and solid wood paint adopts Dabao water-based paint process.