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Xinnuo has been continuously introducing industry design elites and currently has one of the best R&D teams in the office industry. The R&D center includes brand planning and promotion, industrial design, structural design, space design, and graphic design. Adhere to the original design, adjust the human experience, lead the market trend of the office industry, to provide customers with quality, comfortable, cost-effective products and office space!

Miller.Ran, the chief designer of Xinnuo, has been in the field of office furniture design for 15 years. He has been the chief designer of domestic famous furniture companies, and has repeatedly won the domestic multi-image furniture design award. He has received wide acclaim in the office furniture design industry in China. . Miller.Ran wins the details in terms of design concept, and has a unique understanding and innovation in product details, production process and user experience. He advocates that “every design has a story, and every product contains a soul.” Abandoned The traditional limited office furniture design thinking, with space extension, intelligent integration, and cultural presentation as the breakthrough and focus of product development, changes the office environment from the overall space, providing users with a new, high-quality, comfortable experience.