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In 2018, Xinnuo Group responded to the government's call and invested heavily in the construction of water-based paint dust-free constant temperature oil room, fully implementing the water-based paint process, environmental protection and health, ensuring quality, and richly reflecting the personality and texture of the wood color. Xinnuo's new products adhere to the concept of health and environmental protection in raw materials. All rubber sheets are made of E0 grade standard, and solid wood paint adopts Dabao water-based paint process.

Water-based paint is also known as water-based anti-rust paint, water-based steel paint, water-based floor paint, water-based wood paint, wood wax paint. Harmless to the human body, does not pollute the environment, the film is full, crystal clear, flexible and waterproof, anti-aging, fast drying, easy to use, etc.

E0 grade board refers to wood-based fiberboard, high-density fiberboard, etc., which meets the international top environmental protection standards and has a formaldehyde emission of ≤0.5mg/L, which is used for furniture making and home improvement wood products. E0 and E1 are the detection standards for the amount of formaldehyde released.